Trampoline & Tumbling TEAMS: AAU Competitive

  Our AAU Tumbling Teams are for boys and girls who have shown a drive to work very hard on their floor and trampolining skills only.   They likely have a lot of great energy they regularly harness, and are drawn to jumping and flipping around like a fish to water.  One could say that’s all kids, and that’s why gymnastics has been a staple sport, worldwide, for 2,000 years!.

          The difference for Team Tumblers is that they aren’t wild and unpredictable with their movements.  They move their body in a way that feels like it’s making beautiful music inside.  Each muscle keenly attuned to hitting a precise note, all in perfect succession, and timing.  And the Tumbler knows when they have nailed every note, because I’m telling you, the body sings...Anyone who has ever gone far in this sport knows what it feels like to hit just right and fly.  And when it doesn’t hit right, it thuds, and hurts. 

The kids in this Team want to be here because they have likely felt that singing, and chase it all day, everyday.  That’s why they move so much, so often, and so quickly.  You might not hear the song, but Team Coaches know it.  Competitive kids tend to like rules, step up to challenges, and thrive best in structure.  Parents like it too because it teaches their child HOW TO FALL SAFELY.  I know you’re worried about what would happen, and for these kids, you have a responsibility to train them properly.  If you lived on a boat, you’d teach your child to swim right?

Please, we’re on a mission to find these kids and fix their bad habits, before they really get hurt.

If this sounds like it may be your child, please call us to schedule an evaluation!  603-554-1097 or email