We go Nas-ics" now? 

Gymnastics: Ages 1-5yr!

       Note: Parents will accompany and assist their child through the entire class.  A strong emphasis is on bonding and learning trust between the child and caregiver. 


It IS time for Gymnastics!!

babychasing ball.jpg

"Baby Gym!" 
30min | 4 wks 

       We are proud to help you promote developmentally appropriate actions like: crawling, balancing, climbing, walk/run, hand-eye coordination, songs, visual stimulation, early socialization, music, and early picture/letter/number recognition. 

          And we hope you have a great time too!  And take pictures!  You really will cherish them later.


"Eyes On Me!" 
40 min | 4 wks

is offered in the following programs: 


Dance & Gymnastics

Lil' Ninja

& Skills Test Level 2 Pre-Team!


There comes a time for most kids when they outgrow the stages of “Don’t leave me,” and “You can leave now.” 

                          In there lies a:

“Watch me, watch me!

Did you see that?       

Did you see me?     

Were you really watching? 

I’ll do it again, watch me ok?!!! 

Ready…...wait, wait, I’m gonna start again. 

Keep watching me though!!” 


This is a class made to calm the hyper little human who feels desperate to get any amount of your eye contact they can get! 

They will do anything for you if it makes you smile.  You will likely get a big hug too. 


Please, please, remember to be present, and cherish these moments.  


"Cheer Me On!" 
4+5 yr
50min | 4 wks


"Cheer Me on" is offered in the following programs: 


Dance & Gym

Lil' Ninja

& Skills Test Level 2 Pre-Team!


    This class is the final transition before being totally independent.  Parents are just asked to watch their child and "Cheer Them On!"  Encourage their great behaviors and help us nudge along the inconsistent behaviors.  


Kids this age really want to know that you were watching them, and acknowledging their hard work.  It is so important for them to feel seen. We encourage you to take pictures of your child, and celebrate their successes.



     *COVID requires a family member to be present, and assist child, when needed, during class.*

      This is a structured class with themed lesson plans which are now tailored to fit all Social Distancing and Public Health Guidelines.  

LIl' Stars Pre-Team
3&4yr, & 5-6y
60min | 1 x week | 4 wks
*skill test reqiured


Program:          Lil' Stars

Age groups:  8-24 mon,

                          2-3 years

                          4-5 years

Class Types we offer:

  • Gymnastics

  • Dance and Gymnastics

  • Lil' Ninja "energy burn"

  • Music and Movement

Classes per week?       1  (you are welcome to enroll in additional classes.)

Billing occurs:      1st week of each month

Billing includes?   4 Weeks= 4 Classes

How soon can we start? 

ASAP!  No need to wait for the new month/session to begin.

If we start mid-month will we be charged for all 4 weeks? 

-No way!  When you officially enroll you will be automatically pro-rated only for the remaining weeks in that session.

-When the new month begins again, you will be charged the full monthly rate up front.


Are there Joining Fees (aka Registration or Membership Fees?)

Yes.  An ANNUAL Membership fee of $25 is required for all participants. 

Our system will automatically know to charge new registrations the $25 fee, and keep track of your "Anniversary Date."  Each year, on your personal 1 year anniversary of your registration another $25 will be charged to your account.  If you are inactive at that time, you will not be charged again until you return.


Important info on Payments:     

Tuition for the remainder of the session is expected to be paid in full upon initial registration. 

Spaces, particularly in popular classes with a waitlist, will not be guaranteed if you miss a payment.

We highly encourage you to consider keeping a card on file.  You will then be able to choose whether you would like us to auto pull your payments so all you have to remember is to read your emailed receipt.  Or, you can save a card on file and give us permission each time to run the card.  We respect you.

*Please sign up on our iClassPro app to check availability.



Do I get a discount if I sign my child up for 2 classes a week?

-Yes!  You receive $5 Off the price of the second class.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

-Yes!  You receive $5 Off the price of the second class.

Can we drop-in to any class held during the week?   

-No.  We are very strict on staying within our class ratios of 1:8.

    We do offer OPEN PLAY timeslots during the week if you need a drop in play situation!


Make Ups:

If we're absent, are we able to do a Make-Up Class?

Unfortunately, no. When registering for class you commit to those 4 classes. 

If space is available in an Open Play you are welcome to use 1 for free as a make-up.

Make up tokens will only be given if the gym is closed for weather, cancelled classes or unexpected emergencies.


What should my child wear?

There's a variety of safe clothing options.... you may choose a leotard (we sell many affordable options, and can customize them!)

When considering other clothing choices:

  • No baggy clothes   (if they went upside down, would the shirt fall and cover their eyes?)

  • No buttons or zippers   (would this pinch their belly on a bar or balance beam?)

  • No jeans    (will this material give them full range of motion?)

  • No socks    (socks are slippery on some of our surfaces.)

  • NO Jewelry!     (hoop earrings are have the potential to get snagged, and necklaces are choking hazards)

  • HAIR UP.  Any hair that may go in the eyes, must be put up in some form of a ponytail, (regardless of gender.)

Due to current social distancing guidelines, we are requiring a grown up to be prepared to assist children under the age of 5 with any "close contact" activity, including spotting. 


Staff will instruct adults on how to do this safely.


Going through our health screening process, and being temperature checked, is also mandatory.


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