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Structured Classes for AGES 2-5




Eyes On Me (ages 2-3y)

Do you feel like you, and your little one could be ready to try a more structured class than Open Play Dates, 1st Friends, or PreK Prep?  If they have tried one of these and showed an interest in staying with the group than let's get you signed up!  Every child develops at their own pace, so we have lots of options for whatever stage they're at today!  We know that independence doesn't come naturally to most kids.  We work to earn their trust and build their confidence! We are proud to help you promote developmentally appropriate actions like: crawling, balancing, climbing, walk/run, hand-eye coordination, songs, visual stimulation, early socialization, music, and early picture/letter/number recognition.  This is a structured class with themed lesson plans.

  • Warm up game/activity: 5-10 minutes

  • 10 min "Circle Time" focusing on: Skill shape review and introduction, strengthening, and flexibilty.

  • (2x) professionally designed "Courses" set up to teach the skill shape(s) focused on that day.  

  • 5 minutes of Open Play.

This class requires a "grown-up" to participate with the class.  This person will need to navigate walking through the gym, sitting on the floor or a mat, and encouraging the child through the activities.  Our staff will make sure everyone knows how to safely complete the courses, and spot skills.

You'll hear a lot of.... “watch me, watch me! Did you see that? Did you see me?

Were you really watching? I’ll do it again, watch me ok?!!! Ready…...wait, wait, I’m gonna start again. Keep watching me though!!”


Cheer Me On! (ages 4-5y)


This class works towards the eventual transition of independence. during class.  However long it may take depends on the child, so you are encouraged to stay with us until then.

As you transition, parents are asked to watch their child and "Cheer Them On!" 

Encourage their great behaviors and help us nudge along the inconsistent behaviors.  


Kids really want to know that you were watching them, and acknowledging their hard work. 

It is so important for them to feel seen. We encourage you to take pictures of your child, and celebrate their successes.

Learning boundaries, taking turns, using their listening ears, and working on impulse control is critical to their future in schooling.  KIDS IN THIS CLASS DON'T ALWAYS HAVE THESE SKILLS YET!!  So, please know that it's 1000% OKAY if your child isn't perfect at it!  We are a team here.  Every child is different, and no one knows them better than you!  So please, share with us about what's going on with your little one! 

We work with you, and you are an important part of this process.  We are all working towards helping every individual child, whatever that may take.  And for however long it may take. 

  • PLEASE: Do NOT compare your child to anyone else. 

  • Please do not get upset, frustrated or angry with them. 

This gym was built for this very task.  Trust our process.  If you feel (you) or your child are overwhelmed by a structured class than they can easily return to our (3) Open Play based programs. 

Just never stop trying.  Never say "we will just wait another 6 months, or a year.  If your child is struggling with this, then you definitely need our programs!  Let us help you!

As your child grows, they will move into the stage of not needing you next to them.  Your instructor will let you know what that magic moment has come.  It requires your child to safely follow the rules, stick with the class, rely on the instructor for directions, and safely recall various skill basics.  When this is achieved, they are ready to move up to the fully independent PreK class called "Cheer Me On!"  They will need to test out of "Eyes on Me" in order to advance.  

If you need to bring a younger sibling, we understand.  We ask that they remain safely strapped into a car seat and carried around with us.  We also have a lot of parents who "wear" their children on their front or back.  If possible, the back is less intrusive. being worn in a carrier.  We strive to make sure you are having a great time too!  Take pictures!  You really will cherish them later.


1st Friends Logo.png
1st and DG.png

Welcome to the First Friends Club!!!  

Share advice, make new friends, play around in our huge gym, and make memories!!

We are so excited to share in the early years of your child's life!  Our staff in charge of this special Open Play are parent's too, so we've been where you are!  We wished this was available when our babies were little because it can be hard to get out of the house, meet new friends, ask for advice, and feel connected again!  These early years of socialization really do matter and we want to make it super easy for you and your baby!

Please, come as you are.  We know it's the morning, and you maybe had a looong night..... come anyway!  And don't worry about getting coffee... at Sky High the coffee is always free!!

We also have a changing table, and are always Nursing-friendly!

Infants under 11 months are FREE!

Just sign a waiver online

and come hang out!

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