We go Nas-ics" now? 

Gymnastics: Ages 1-5yr!

       Note: Parents will accompany and assist their child through the entire class.  A strong emphasis is on bonding and learning trust between the child and caregiver. 


It IS time for Gymnastics!!

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       We are proud to help you promote developmentally appropriate actions like: crawling, balancing, climbing, walk/run, hand-eye coordination, songs, visual stimulation, early socialization, music, and early picture/letter/number recognition. 

          And we hope you have a great time too!  And take pictures!  You really will cherish them later.


45 min | 4 wks
Parent Assisted


Dance & Gymnastics

Lil' Ninja

& Skills Test Level 2 Pre-Team!


There comes a time for most kids when they

outgrow the stages of

“Don’t leave me” and “You can leave now.” 

                          In there lies a:

  • “Watch me, watch me!

  • Did you see that?       

  • Did you see me?     

  • Were you really watching? 

  • I’ll do it again, watch me ok?!!! 

  • Ready…...wait, wait, I’m gonna start again. Keep watching me though!!” 


      This is a class made to calm the hyper little human who feels desperate to get any amount of your eye contact they can get! 

      They will do anything for you if it makes you smile.  You will likely get a big hug too.  Please, please, remember to be present, and cherish these moments.  

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4+5 yr
45-60 min | 4 wks
Parent on "Stand By"

This is offered in the following programs: 


Dance & Gym

    This class is the final transition before being totally independent.  Parents are just asked to watch their child and "Cheer Them On!"  Encourage their great behaviors and help us nudge along the inconsistent behaviors.  


Kids this age really want to know that you were watching them, and acknowledging their hard work.  It is so important for them to feel seen. We encourage you to take pictures of your child, and celebrate their successes.



     *COVID requires a family member to be present, and assist child, when needed, during class.*

      This is a structured class with themed lesson plans which are now tailored to fit all Social Distancing and Public Health Guidelines.  

Lil' Stars Pre-Team
60min | 1 x week | 4 wks
*skill test reqiured