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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?


See our HOW TO SIGN UP page here: 


Or during a private tour.  Schedule one today!  


Click on any iClassPro boxes like this one: 




Download our Mobile App,





Child mask required?  Not if less than 24 months.* 



Class Lengths?            Ages 0-3    30 minutes

                                       Ages 4+       45 minutes or 60 minutes

                                       Teams:        60-90 minutes.


# of Classes per week?       


         One (1) for most, 2 for more advanced teams.  You are welcome to enroll in as many classes as you wish.

Session Length?    4 Weeks= 4 Classes


New Session starts:       1st of each month


How soon can we start? 

ASAP!  No need to wait for the new month/session to begin.


If we start mid-month will we be charged for all 4 weeks? 

-NO!  When you officially enroll you will be automatically pro-rated only for the remaining weeks in that session.


-When the new month begins again, you will be charged the full monthly rate up front.





 Are there Joining Fees (aka Registration or Membership Fees?)

Yes.  An ANNUAL Membership fee of $25 is required for all participants. 

Our system will automatically know to charge new registrations the $25 fee, and keep track of your "Anniversary Date."  Each year, on your personal 1 year anniversary of your registration another $25 will be charged to your account.  If you are inactive at that time, you will not be charged again until you return.



Tuition for the remainder of the session is expected to be paid in full upon initial registration. 

Spaces, particularly in popular classes with a waitlist, will not be guaranteed if you miss a payment.

We highly encourage you to consider keeping a card on file.  You will then be able to choose whether you would like us to auto pull your payments so all you have to remember is to read your emailed receipt.  Or, you can save a card on file and give us permission each time to run the card.  We respect you.

*Please sign up on our iClassPro app to check availability.



  • Do I get a discount if I sign my child up for 2 classes a week?


Yes!  You receive $5 Off the price of the second class.


  • Do you offer a sibling discount?


Yes!  You receive $5 Off the price of the second class.


  • Do you offer a friend/family referral reward?


Yes!  You & your Referral will each receive a $5 CREDIT in your Sky High Account! 

You can use it towards anything from classes, merchandise, or even choose to pay it forward. 



Winter Weather Policy


In the event of severe weather check your emails or Facebook OFTEN.  Those are our main lines of quick communication when a message needs to reach the masses asap.  

Make Ups:


If we're absent, are we able to attend a Make-Up Class?

Please only use a make-up if you truly feel one is owed such as weather, family emergency, or our facility being forced to close.   


Staff also needs to approve the class you are hoping to attend because of our very strict class ratios of 1:6.




















What is my Registration fee?

$25 per child, annually.  The day you pay is your Day 1.

This is non-refundable.

Can parents stay due to COVID?

Yes!  However, we do have rules in place that you are expected to comply with.

Where do parents sit and watch?

Please get comfortable at a bench or a table. 


You will see cards on each table that say "This table has been cleaned." 

If you use that table, please FLIP the card down so we know it needs to be re-cleaned, and lets others know to choose a different one.

What should my child wear to class?

Leotards are recommended for girls gymnastics classes, dance classes, and teams. They are welcome to wear a pair of shorts or leggings on top. Form fitting clothes, that won’t fly up when moving upside down work great too- especially for ninja, baby classes, boys classes, and those who don’t own a leotard just yet! Please wear hair tied up. No socks as they are slippery!


What should we bring to class?

Please bring a water bottle and a face mask. Masks are not required during classes, but are required in the lobby, and for parents/guardians at all times.

Where should my child keep their belongings?

Our teams have dedicated lockers or bins. Otherwise, please use the cubbys, a bench, or a table. 


Do you have WIFI?


Yes!  Access our free wifi:  SKYHIGHWIFI 

 Tuition Prices 2021

Ages 0-3     30 minutes            $40     ($10/day)

Ages 4+      45 minutes or        $56     ($14/day)    

                  60 minutes  (1x)    $74     ($18.50/day)

                  60 minutes  (2x)    $137   ($18.50/day, $37/wk)

Adv Teams:  90 minutes. (1x)    $104   ($26/day)

                   90 minutes. (2x)    $184   ($26/day)

Our Staff's approach to face coverings: 

      The practice of it is encouraged, and we have child masks available.  We work with you to find strategies to grow on.  We certainly don't make a big deal out of it. Traumatizing them is obviously not going to help!  Our staff has a bunch of approaches to try, and if it really comes down to a fight, once we tell the child that means they can't stay and play anymore, they always put it on. Not kidding, it's really that easy.  We just take each child with all the patience and respect necessary, and we grow together. 

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How do I pay for classes?

Everything goes through our iClassPro enrollment software.

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