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Our Sky High Philosophy

"Our Staff's highest priorites are SAFETY, both physically and emotionally

Real success only comes when each gymnast feels truly cared about,

is positively uplifted, and then properly prepared."


Anything less and they will be let go.

-Owner, Katey Lamontagne



Here at Sky High Gymnastics, a core principle we live by is making sure EVERY child is in the best program for their personality and goals. 


  • We embrace children's unique differences, because they are humans, and not little robots. 

  • We know that each gymnast is unique.and will grow at their own pace.

  • We do not judge if their performance was successful based on how their teammates or competition performed.

  • We will play to their own strengths, and help them be humble enough to recognize their weaknesses.

  • We will train them to be internally motivated. 

  • We will never cross the line and inappropriately bully a child to perform. 

  • Belittling is NEVER truly motivating.  Fear responses are absolutely NOT tolerated in our gym. ​

If your child is on one of our teams, chances are,  you will see an impact that will enrich them for life.
When a gymnast is done competing, the highest honor for their coach is when they ask to start training as a coach.

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