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Sky High Star logo
Sky High Star logo

Welcome to Sky High Gymnastics!

It was, and always will remain a top priority for us to create a variety of
options to ensure that our gym is accessible to every family, no matter the financial, schedule, or physical limitations.
For that reason we have created this special facility, built with heart, and rooted in respect, for your family.
Program Options for All Skill Abilities
 Open Monday-Friday in the summers and Monday-Saturday during the school year!
Working parents don't need to feel rushed getting to after-school activities.
Open air viewing, seating with private tables, and beautifully updated bathrooms.
Our staff was hand-picked from many applicants because we share a similar mindset for the kind of culture we want in our program. 
We are built to the core on respect. 
We promise to respect your child, your family, your time, and your money.
You will see a difference from the moment you walk our doors. 


Welcome to the Family!

We built this place for you.

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