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State of N.H. requires
ALL CAMPERS to provide a valid
Health Certificate/Well Check by a Pediatrician/Urgent Care

(The same one you use for school or sports.)
Email to:

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Camp Pricing

NEW!  No Membership Fees for 2023!

8:30-12:00 or

8:30-4:00 | 7.5h

Single Day
12:30-4:00 | 3.5h

Single Day

8:30-12:00 or

Day Camp Schedule

Ages 5-12y


  • Yoga- Mind & Stretch

  • Gymnastics Lessons

  • Physical Activities & Games-themed

  • Arts & Crafts-themed

  • Snack

  • Outdoor games!

  • Tumbling/Ninja

  • Yoga- Game & Meditate



  • Lunch 

  • Gymnastics Lessons

  • Arts & Crafts of Choice

  • Physical Activities & Games-themed

  • Guided Meditation Story


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You need some important information to make this a fun experience. 

Being a state licensed camp, we are required to have camp/sports physical forms for all kids that attend camp. Health Forms must be turned in prior to the start of camp week, you can bring them with you when you drop on the first day. We will only need 1 health form for the entire summer. If you call your doctors office and ask for a form for camp, they will know what you're talking about. 


Our doors open at 8:25am for drop off at 8:30am.

Please do not enter the building before then, or just drop your child off at the door.

You will need to come SIGN THEM IN each day.

Those coming for PM half day, drop off is 12:30pm please do not drop child off as you will need to follow the same procedure. 

PICK UP is at 12pm for AM half day and 4pm for PM half day and full day.

We will not send the children out the door, parents are expected to come inside as you will need to sign your child out.

If someone that did not drop them off is picking them up, please make sure to let a staff member know and fill out an alternative pick up form. They will need to provide a photo ID at pick up.  Pick up times are specific. Every 5 minutes you are late, $10 will be charged to your account. This will need to be paid as soon as possible and before they return to camp if they are enrolled for future dates. 

Must Haves to ensure your child gets the most out of camp.

  • Refillable Water bottle

  • Closed toe shoes 

  • Hair ties   ( Hair must be pulled up and out of faces. )

  • *Change of clothes

  • *Snacks (they have snack twice a day if full time)

  • Lunch (If full day)


EVERY FRIDAY our full day campers can participate in a "Pizza & Ice Cream Party" at lunch time!  There is no additional charge for this.  Please let us know if your child will or will not be having one or both.  

For safety reasons, please have children dressed in tighter-fit clothing.  

NO dresses, skirts, T-Shirts, baggy pants, or clothes with ZIPPERS as those hurt the belly and damage our equipment. 

*Please send a change of clothes. If an accident occurs and your child does not have a change of clothes, a $25 charge will be added to your account if we have to provide them with clothes. Even if your child does not have accidents, we ask that a change of clothes is brought. They will have a cubby that they will be able to put all of their things.

*Please discuss with your child about what a snack is. We ran into an issue last year with kids eating their entire lunchbox at snack time leaving them with no food for lunch or afternoon snack. We have food should they run out, but the kids can not expect we will give them our snacks everyday.  We sell snacks here for $1.00 so the charge will be added to your account.  Speak to your children if you do not want them to think this is acceptable.   We do have a refrigerator for keeping food cold, and a microwave if the child brings food that needs to be heated. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email!

We look forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks!
Sky High Staff

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