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GymStars (ages 6-13y)

Gym 1 is a great introduction to all of the gymnastics events! 

         Children will begin to spend more time on their hands, climbing, swinging, front supports on bars. jumping up and down from low heights, and jumping in shapes like tuck, straddle, spin, and seat drop.  At their age they will be allowed to use elevated balance beams, climbing the rock-wall with assistance, swing on the higher bars, and work hanging skills. Children will work at their best pace, but forcing a child to do something they don’t want to is not a tolerated coaching method. 

Parent Assisted?       No

Typical class structure:

  • 5 min         Warm-up activity/game

  • 10 min       Circle time for stretching and learning the basic shapes we use in this sport.

  • 10 min       Floor/Tumbling Course focusing on basics like forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels. 

  • 10 min       Each week they will try either the balance beams, bars, trampolines and more!

  • 10 min       A jumping focused activity on either a trampoline, airtrack, mini-tramp, or bounce house.

  • 5 min         Open Play 

Classes per week?       1  (you are welcome to enroll in additional classes.)

While your family waits:      PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT take responsibility for any child left unattended

  • Find a bench or table to leave your belongings.  

  • Take off your shoes when it's time to come out with the class.

  • You may choose to allow older, independent siblings to stay in your sight.  They may play in our lobby’s play area, use our air hockey table, or sit with a device.  Please teach them to clean up before leaving.

  • Siblings are NOT ALLOWED to use any equipment in the main gym or dance room.

  • For baby siblings: you may baby-wear, or bring a carseat around.

  • Enjoy our free wifi:   SKYHIGHGUESTWIFI

  • Plug into an outlet to recharge a device.

  • Get a FREE cup of coffee (or 2!)


Tuition Payments are due:     

  • If billed on "Autopay" using the card on file your payment will run on the 1st day of the month. 

  • If you do not store a card on file, you must pay before the new month begins!

  • example:  Payment for October's tuition is due by September 31st.

  • Your child may NOT start a new month without tuition being paid.  If the class is in waitlist your child is at-risk for losing their spot.

Billing includes?   Typically, 4 Weeks= 4 Classes

  • If your class only has 3 weeks that month, then you will only be charged for those 3 weeks!

  • If your class has 5 weeks in that month you have 3 options:

  • Pay the single class rate for that week.

  • If we closed the gym due to an emergency and owe you a make-up this week is used. 

  • Take the week off!  No payment will be required.

How soon can we start?     ASAP!  No need to wait for the new month/session to begin.

If we start mid-month will we be charged for all 4 weeks? 

  • No way!  When you officially enroll you will be automatically pro-rated only for the remaining weeks in that session.

  • When the new month begins again, you will be charged the full monthly rate up front.

Is there a Membership/Registration Fee?      

NO!  We have stopped this for Fall 2022!

Important info on Payments:     

  • Tuition for the remainder of the session is expected to be paid in full upon initial registration.

  • Spaces, particularly in popular classes with a waitlist, will not be guaranteed if you miss a payment.

  • We highly encourage you to consider keeping a card on file.  You will then be able to choose whether you would like us to auto pull your payments so all you have to remember is to read your emailed receipt.  Or, you can save a card on file and give us permission each time to run the card.  We respect you.

*Please sign up on our iClassPro app to check availability.


Do I get a discount if I sign my child up for 2 classes a week?

  • Yes!  You receive $5 Off the price of the second class.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

  • Yes!  You receive $5 Off the price of the second class.

Make Ups:

  • We are no longer giving make-ups for classes missed due to illness or personal schedule conflicts.   

  • When registering for a class you commit to taking that spot away from another child.

Unexpected Gym Closures (weather, staff emergency, etc..)

  • If we close the gym for any reason, you will absolutely be given a make-up to use in the next 30 days.

  • If your class has a 5th week in that month, you will be able to use that day.

  • An Open Play Pass may be given for any Open Play (in the next 30 days.)

What should my child wear?

There's a variety of safe clothing options.... you may choose a leotard (we sell many affordable options, and can customize them!)

When considering other clothing choices:

  • No baggy clothes   (if they went upside down, would the shirt fall and cover their eyes?)

  • No buttons or zippers   (would this pinch their belly on a bar or balance beam?)

  • No jeans    (will this material give them full range of motion?)

  • No socks    (socks are slippery on some of our surfaces.)

  • NO Jewelry!     (hoop earrings are have the potential to get snagged, and necklaces are choking hazards)

  • HAIR UP.  Any hair that may go in the eyes, must be put up in some form of a ponytail, (regardless of gender.)

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