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Tumbling- Level 1


Level 1 is a class designed to teach all of the fundamentals.  It is appropriate for cheerleaders, acro-dancers, martial arts, and just for fun!


This program focuses on: flexibility, strength, forward and backward rolls. handstands, bridges & bridge kick-overs, cartwheels, snap-downs, and tumbling vocabulary.


Tumbling- Level 2

This class is a "must have" for any aspiring Cheerleader.  Dancers will appreciate gaining new Acro elements.  (Working Kickovers, Running Rolls, & Round-Offs)


  Tumbling- Level 3 


Level 3 is why those basics in 1 and 2 really matter!  Those fundamentals now will be put in sequences where timing is everything! 

Skills like Back Handsprings, Aerials, Front Handsprings, and drills for Running Tumbling are focused on heavily.

 Tumbling- Level 4


When the basics are taught correctly, the next 2 levels become an endless fountain of new combinations starting with Round Off Back Handsprings, then adding the Back Tucks.  Eventually putting a Front tuck to the beginning and stepping out into another pass. 

Tumbling- Level 5

  After Running-Tumbling starts flipping the Tumbler’s shape can change in the air from a tuck, to a pike, then a straight bodied layout.  That leads to twisting, and eventually doing two flips in the air!  Truly, the combinations athlete’s are able to do grow longer and longer every single year.  

No experience, or highly athletic body necessary.  Come as you are, as often as you can, and just have fun at your own pace. 

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$12 or Open Play Pass

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