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   Our resources allow us to teach:

  • Obstacle courses

  • Tumbling Skills

  • Muay Thai Sparing

  • Use of Essential gymnastics skills using Men's & Women's Apparatuses.

  • Parkour

  • Strength Conditioning

  • Intense Cardio Games designed to have FUN while exercising

  • Plyometrics (Jump Training)

  • Circus skills 


Welcome to

We have thoughtfully designed a unique program to help prepare your child to feel successful while exposing them to wide variety of multiple sports and arts! 

Focus will be on tracking and comparing their own personal times and best,

and not on one another.


Prior to COVID we called this class:  ENERGY BURN.

But now, with the addition of Muay Thai training, we have renamed this class:


"Ninja Matrix" is a great way to burn energy while social distancing!  This conditioning program is professionally designed to safely wear them out, and is set to be a challenge.  Think about if your child is up for hard challenges when they get hyper.  

The Ninjas will play games and have challenges that will test their whole bodies.  The structured lesson plans are designed to develop every muscle groups from the big ones in their quads, and traps, all the way to the little ones of finger and toe grip!

We are so excited to finally allow them to use the new equipment we've added to our:


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