Gymnastics TEAMS

-Lil' Stars (Level 1)
-Lil'Bronze (Level 2/Bronze)

Ages 3-7

Travel NOT required.

School year or year round.

Monthly Tuition

     Pre-teams are for children who show a very early love and determination for challenges.  They demonstrate a deeper focus towards mastery, because they recognize how important the basics are for any future skill.  And they respect that strength and flexibility are their best tools for achieving that success.  They enjoy pushing themselves to do "one more," and love to show off how much better their splits are because they've been practicing at home.

      Most children typically prefer a more "play based" recreational lesson plan.  We offer this program because there is a select type of gymnast who craves what others don't.

We have a team for everyone!

GymTEAMS-Fun Level 1 & 2

Ages 6+

Travel NOT required.

School year 

Monthly Tuition

Recreational teams are comprised of like-minded gymnasts who would prefer to avoid competitions, but still desire to be "on a team." They also would like to learn and practice "their own" routines.

We don't turn anyone away, but we expect all team members to show good sportsmanship and respect to their  other teammates.

Competitive Gymnastics

Ages 6+

Travel IS typically required (COVID-excluded).

Year round practices.

Monthly Tuition

We compete under USA-Gymnastics XCEL levels.  

The teams are structured and gymnasts are expected to put in solid effort to best prepare for competition seasons.

For reference, the levels are the equivalent of:

XCEL Bronze (J.O. Level 2-3)

XCEL Silver  (J.O. Level 3-4)

XCEL Gold  (J.O. Level 4-6)

XCEL Platinum/Diamond (J.O. level 7-9)