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Ages:  5-12 yr


+8:30-12:00 |  M-F |  $165

+12:00-3:30|  M-F |  $165

+8:30-3:30|  M-F |  $265




Ages 3 -4y



Ages:  5-7y



Ages:  8-12y



No experience necessary! 

  • Start with our SCIENCE Camp, and when it's your workshop, we will move you to the Studio!

Week 8:  August 24-29

"Best of Camp" Sampler!/Open House Week!

  • Monday, Aug 24th:       Superhero Day w/ Spiderman!     

    • 9:00-10:00 (Under 5, with parent)

    • 8:30-12:00 (5-12y)

    • 12:00-1:00  Spiderman will be @ Keyes Playground!

      • 2:00-7:00 Open House Tours!

  • Tuesday, Aug 25th:      A Frozen Day w/ Elsa!

    • 9:00-10:00 (Under 5, with parent)

    • 10:30-11:30 (Wave to Elsa-No Contact, Free!)

    • 12:00-1:00  Elsa will be @ Keyes Playground!

      • 2:00-7:00 Open House Tours!

  • Wednesday, Aug 26th:   Circus Day w/Circus Star, Mr. Dylan B!

    • 9:00-10:00 (Under 5, with parent)

    • 10:30-11:00 Learn to Juggle!

    • 12:00-1:00 Mr. Dylan will be performing & giving away Balloon Animals @ Keyes Playground!

      • 2:00-7:00 Open House Tours!

  • Thursday, Aug 27th:  Family Yoga w/Ms. Ellie C!

    • 9:00-10:00 (Under 5, with parent)

    • 10:30-11:00 (All Ages!)

    • 12:00-12:30 Yoga @ Keyes!  Bring your own Yoga mats & join us for free!

    • ​1:00-1:30   (All Ages Yoga!)
      • 2:00-7:00 Open House Tours!

  • Friday, Aug 28th:  Tumbling Clinics w/ Ms. Katey & Staff!

    • 9:00-9:30    Handstand Clinic!​

    • 10:00-10:30    Cartwheel Clinic!

    • 11:30-12:00   Bridge Kickovers Clinic!

    • 1:00-1:30   Back Handspring Clinic!

      • 2:00-7:00 Open House Tours! 

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Past Weeks:

Week 1:  July 6-9


Theme A)    

"Superhero Week!" (10 kids max)

  • Spiderman, Power Rangers, Iron Man, Superman, etc.


We're kicking off our "Epic Summer with Sky High" with SPIDERMAN!  Yes, the REAL Spiderman! 


Spiderman knew masks were "cool" before the rest of the world started wearing them!

Spiderman will join our other Camp Counselors as you spend your day learning all of the rules of camp, and learning how we can all maintain social distancing and still have a great time!!

You'll also get your own cape, eye mask, hand sanitizer all in a bag you get to keep after camp is over!  If you ask Spiderman nicely he might even autograph your bag!!



Theme B) 

"Sky High Sampler" (10 kids max)

  • Gymnastics, Dance, Yoga, Cheer, 


This week you’ll get a rare opportunity to try cheer, dance, yoga, and gymnastics all in one week! Take a chance and see what you love the most! (All while socially distancing of course!)

Please bring your own Yoga mat! 



Week 2:  July 13-16

Theme A)       

"Acro Routines Sampler"

  • Gymnastics, Cheer, Dance, & Rhythmic


Do you love to learn short routines with friends? Each day you will learn cheers, and practice your own routines using our gymnastics equipment, hoops, ribbon wands, balls, and more! No experience necessary!  

(We will not be practicing any advanced skills that rely on safety spotting.)



Theme B)     

"Circus Sampler" (10 kids max)

  • Circus Tricks, Ninja Strength, Gymnastics & More!


Each day our very own Mr. Dylan, featured member and instructor to 2 local Circus's, will teach you a variety of amazing tricks that will really WOW anyone you meet! 

On Monday, you'll be given your very own "Trick Bag," In addition to your own mini-hand sanitizer, tissues, and more, it will be filled with all the Circus tools you'll need for the week.  That will include things like balls and scarves to juggle, your own Peacock feather, and more surprises to add as your week goes on!  

And yes, at the end of the week, you get to keep everything in your bag!


(All while socially distancing 6-10 ft apart of course!)

Week 3:  July 20-23


Theme A)

"Super Game Week"

  • Mario Kart, Pokemon, Sonic, Minecraft, Angry Birds & More!


Do you love to play video games, but your parents say its better to turn off the screen and get up to exercise instead?  What if you could have both?!  We're going to be bringing your favorite games to life!  This is a week we promise you, you will never forget.  And will be back to do again next time!

Theme B)

"Acro-Routines Week" 

  • Gymnastics, Dance, Yoga, & Cheer


Do you love to learn short routines with friends? Each day you will learn cheers, and practice your own routines using our gymnastics equipment, hoops, ribbon wands, balls, and more! All levels, no experience necessary!  

Week 4:  July 27-30

Balloon Animal Olympics Week!

  • Make our own torch, and celebrate our Opening Ceremonies with our Olympic Flame! (Sky High Safely of course!)

  • Try to take a picture re-enacting as many Summer Olympic Sports as possible!

  • Choreograph short routines on the gymnastics equipment we commonly think of.

  • Practice the many other lesser-known disciplines of gymnastics 

  • Learn amazing facts about the history of the Olympics, and how Gymnastics was in the 1st Olympics ever!

  • Sample other Olympic Sports experiences both in the gym, and in our large grassy back area, and paved side lot. 

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo might be postponed this week, but not at Sky High Gymnastics!  From our own "Opening Ceremony" to "Closing Ceremony", let's honor all of the athletes who have devoted their absolutely everything to their sport and talent, and have to wait until next year to show us.

(No hardcore competition or scoring will be happening at anytime next week.  We praise effort and attitude over finding who is our 1 single champion.  That is our Sky High Culture.  It's about enjoying the marathon, not the finish line.)

Week 5:  August 3-7

"Fairy-tale Week" (w/ surprise visits from Real Princesses & More!)

Calling all:

  • Unicorns, Dragons, Pirates, Mermaids, everyone come on out!

  • Princesses & the Royal Family, it's time for your formal Makeovers! (Bring your fancy dress up clothes for the ball!)

  • Royal Family, don't keep your Tea Party waiting!

  • And a bazillion other ways to use your imagination this week to experience pirates, mermaids, unicorns, dragons and so much more through movement and crafts! Fairytales turn into real life!

Oh yea, and we know some REALLY SPECIAL Fairy-tale friends who will be stopping by to spend the day!  Come all week so you don't miss the fun!

Week 6:  August 10-13


Theme A)

"Movie Week"

  • Harry Potter, Star Wars, Minions, How to Train your Dragon


How does some "Jedi Training" sound?  Experience some favorite movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Minions and more! If you didn’t already love the movies, you will now!

Week 7:  August 17-20


  • Nature, Science Experiments, & some Surprises!!!

We will be getting our minds and bodies going this week!  We'll learn about the simple machines we use here in the gym.  And all of the ways we use basic physics everyday here!  Plus, we will explore the outdoors, and do some really cool science experiments!  So cool!  And a perfect kick-start to your new school year!



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