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YOGA for All!


We now have 2 Certified Yoga Instructors on our Sky High Staff!

Yoga is not just for adults.

Yoga can change lives.   

It is absolutely beneficial for boys and girls from toddlers to teens.  

Baby & Me Yoga

An interactive and fun class for babies and caregivers with yoga inspired movements, postures, songs, rhymes, and activities designed to support baby’s development. Each class is filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding. To end class, babies will get a few minutes of free play to explore, climb, and bounce in the gym.


Family Yoga

is a very special time

where the child and parent truly are able to unplug, and re-connect.  

You will leave class feeling more bonded than ever.  

Please, even if you don't think your child will be able to stay still, please let us work with them and try. 


At Sky High Gymnastics, and as parents ourselves, we know how desperately children need to unplug and unwind from their extremely stimulated world.  


We are on a mission to spread the benefits of Yoga with as many families as possible.  Yoga is a relaxing way to exercise.  


Too many parents have the mis-conception that what their children need most from our gym is an energy outlet for their hyper child.  

They want us to wear them out so they will sleep that night.  

However, the skill these child are lacking is the control over

their mind and bodies.  

They don't know how to slow down, gain emotional regulation through deep breathing, and turn inwards to their own minds. 


Yoga is the answer to so many children's sleep issues.   
This class will train your child to peacefully lay down, unwind, be quiet, breathe, and allow their mind to travel to a peaceful place that they control.

Ms. Ellie is our Certified Yoga Instructor.  She has used her career in Yoga to travel all over the world sharing its benefits.  Notably, Ms. Ellie also is our Dance Director.  In addition, she is able to teach all of our class programs, including Day Camps, and our Competitive Teams.

Ms. Tara is a new employee this summer.  She has a background in Special Needs education and worked with animals at Disney!

She comes to us with a Post-Natal and Baby/Toddler Yoga Certification.

She also has been a lifelong dancer and cheer instructor! 

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