COVID-19 Specific Guidelines


Summer Day Camp & E-Learning PODs 

COVID-guidelines for NH Day Camps currently mandate us to only register children who can:​

  • Provide a Certificate of Good Health from your Pediatrician (dated within the last 2 years.)

  • Wear a face mask upon entry and exit, and whenever required throughout the day depending on low or high physical activity times.  (If you prefer your child to wear their mask during exercise, we will 100% respect that.)

  • Able to respectfully follow social distancing.

  • Capable of maintaining personal hygiene.

  • We will NOT be able to provide any foods or snacks, and all food needs to be brought in, prepared, and handled, by the camper.  Our microwave and refrigerator are now off-limits.  

  • As seen in this picture, each Camper, or household if there are siblings, gets their own table with bench for the week. 

    • They understand that everything that is personal to them is to stay at that those benches.  

    • They also know they are not to go to other's tables.

    • Each Camper is provided their own set of whatever they will need whether it is equipment in the main gym, craft supplies in the art room, yoga mat to borrow for the week if they do not have one, or anything else they may need.

      •  ​And absolutely no sharing food!

  • Pack CLOSED TOE SHOES!  We do go OUTSIDE!  We have a very large, private paved area, as well as a long, flat grassy hill and even some nature trails!  We do get out of the gym to do Yoga, take a walk, or play a game outside everyday.



Please email with any questions.

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