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We go Nas-ics" now? 

Gymnastics: Ages 1-5yr!

Please Note:   

Masks are mandatory for ages 6+.

All classes with children under 5 yrs must have an active adult assistant.


It IS time for Gymnastics!!

Baby friends at Baby Gymnastics

"Baby Gym!" 


30m | 4 wks |  $40

       We are proud to help you promote developmentally appropriate actions like: crawling, balancing, climbing, walk/run, hand-eye coordination, songs, visual stimulation, early socialization, music, and early picture/letter/number recognition. 

          And we hope you have a great time too!  And take pictures!  You really will cherish them later.

       Note: Parents will accompany and assist their child through the entire class.  A strong emphasis is on bonding and learning trust between the child and caregiver. 

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