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         "CLUB: RECESS!" is a program we are approved to offer under our

"State of NH Day Camp License." 


Done with school work today?         Come burn off that awesome energy!  


WHO:    K-6th graders currently in remote, hybrid, and homeschooling learning environments.


TIMES:   1:00-4:00 (Extended day is available with additional class enrollments.)


INFO:      We will also have craft, snack, and rest periods built in our days for anyone who needs them.    ​

  •  A Health Certificate dated within the last 2 years, must be kept on file.  

    • A standard school, camp, sports, or wellness check from your Pediatrician stating that each Participant is in good health to join our range of activities, is all we need. 

    • You may bring the form in, attach it on a link on our website, or have your Pediatrician email it to:

  • A Camp/Class Membership is required for each Participant.

  • All sign up registrations are available on our iClassPro website/app.  We will not take drop-ins who are not cleared through iClassPro.

  • Please pack your child clean, and appropriate clothing for exercise.  

    • A leotard, or shorts and t-shirt is acceptable.

    • Jeans, or restrictive clothing is not comfortable to move freely in.

    • Buttons and zippers aren’t comfortable either.

  • If you are in need of bussing, we are not able to guarantee any.  However, we can give you the contact information to Milford Taxi.  Any liabilities with the transportation service you coordinate, or share with other Sky High participants, is understood to be separate from Sky High Gymnastics, and its Staff.   

      If there are any limitations, allergies, or medications we would appreciate as much information as you feel we adequately need to best care for your child in any situation.

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