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1:1 Tutoring is available by appointment only. 

$35/ 30 min
 $45/ 45 min 
*Prices may vary based on Specialist chosen.

To schedule your initial session please email


Future appt's will be scheduled through our iClassPro app. 

1:1 Homework Help!

School closures created a lot of uncertainty for families and school communities. We're here to try and help! As teachers, parents, siblings, members of the community, etc. we have watched students miss out on 3 months of in-person learning. 

Academic Tutoring is a great place to check out for multiple reasons:

  • You are unsure if your student is on grade level or on track with their learning

  • Your student is struggling in certain academic areas

  • You want to reinforce and continue learning throughout vacation

  • Your student has trouble focusing (a gym is a great place to help with that!)


Academic Tutoring will meet your student where they are. We are committed to help students nail the basics, so school can be more enjoyable for students. It's great for students at all grade levels and abilities.


We are offering an evaluation for your student. In this evaluation, a certified teacher will review with your student at their grade level. After this evaluation, you will know if your student is on track and/or what skills need reinforcement.


After the evaluation, we will either reinforce the skills your student needs support in or we will push on with new material to help ready them for the upcoming year!

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