Sky High Gymnastics is deeply committed to our Community's Safety.

We are only re-opening because we feel we can meet, or exceed CDC, Federal, State of N.H., and USA-Gymnastics Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. 

Rest assured our wide range of cleaning products are all CDC/EPA approved cleansers.  To keep the chemical use less toxic we will also use science-based non-chemically proven cleaning methods including:

  • (4) new Steam Cleaners which are instant, and exceptionally effective using only scolding heat and water. 

  • (5) new  UV Light Wands

  • (1) Commercial Heated Carpet Extractor

Staff & Student PPE & Distancing Requirements 

  • Students MUST wear a mask (cloth or disposable) when entering, participating, and exiting our gym.  Water and rest breaks are always allowed, and cardio will be closely monitored and reduced. 

  • Staff MUST remain masked all dayd.

  • Staff is expected to teach 6 feet away from students at all times.

    • Exceptions are made for SAFETY SPOTS when absolutely needed.​

      • Hand cleaning must directly follow​.

  • All visitors MUST remain masked. (See parent guidelines below)​​


  • For now, the guidelines prefer no lobby viewing.  However, our space is so large we can make it work IF guests follow, and show respect to all imposed guidelines.

  • Wear a mask the entire time.

  • Pass a temperature check and symptoms list.

  • Come in alone (no siblings.)

  • Will NOT plan to socialize. (I know, you all haven't seen us, or each other in months.....please text anyway.)

  • Choose one of our many tables (now further apart),  and stay alone at it.

  • Help us by cleaning your table and chairs.


  • NO OPEN PLAY drop-in hours until further notice. This includes:

    • No Special Needs Open Play (please know I am so sorry for this.  It truly hurts my soul.) 

  • Class ratios will reduce to 1 staff:5 students max.  No more than 7 to a class if 2 instructors.

  • 1-3 classes in the gym MAX, seperated into 3 zones in the main gym, and 1 in the "Studio"

  • Due to the new public health procedures please make sure your child arrives on time

  • Blue Lockers are now only assigned to our TEAM gymnasts.  No sharing allowed.

  • All classes for ages 5 and under will now be expected to be WITH PARENT.  Parents will help the coach keep their child focused and engaged.  They will need direction to maintain social distancing.  Parents will also be available to spot the children so coaches do not have to.

    • Parents will likely be mandated to wear a mask.​

  • All class or camp activities will be strictly designed to maintain a minimum of 6ft social distancing. 

    • i.e. Yoga mats, Cheerleading/Dance/Circus positions, will be easily marked at 6ft+ apart.​

  • Specific advanced skills that require a coaches spot, will be avoided​ to help towards limiting distances between staff and child.  If unavoidable, students will be allowed to train the skills if a spot touch is all that is required.

  • No Birthday Parties will be held this summer.  We will accept bookings for September and beyond, with new rules.


  • Drop-Off & Pick Up preferred for any child ages 6+.  (We will never say a parents cant stay.)

  • Temperature Checks at the Door.

  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be located in multiple areas of the gym spaces.  

  • Expectation of being able to follow Staff's rules and maintain:

    • social distancing of 6ft minimum

    • manage own personal hygiene 

    • independently manage clothes & shoes

  • Upon leaving, all hands should be washed with anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer.



  • Payments will only be made through the iClassPro app.

    • The SQUARE iPad Kiosk will be permanently disabled.


  • Temperatures will be checked daily at the door prior to entering the building.

  • Sanitizing is required for any equipment or props used after each group is finished.

  • Common Areas and Bathrooms will be sanitized at least every 2 hours.

  • If staff, or anyone they come in contact with, appears to have any suspected symptoms of COVID-19, they will be forced to self-quarantine for 2 weeks.  At that time we ask them to get a COVID-19 test performed.

  • The Staff has agreed that we are living in a new "normal" now, and that even though we don't quite know what the means yet, their primary objective is to adapt to whatever safety measures are necessary to minimize any risk or hazard.   



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