"Solo" Lessons  (1:1)

30 min = $35

45 min = $45


"Solo" Lessons are an excellent option for parents who want to get their child back to our gym, but are looking for the most preferred way to minimize any risk of exposure.

Please keep in mind:

-"Solo" Lessons must be booked in advance.


Please keep in mind:

-Solo Lessons must be booked in advance.  

-All Participants MUST be registered through our iClassPro online enrollment website.

-Please Prepare a set of skill goals the athlete is looking to work on.  

-COVID-19 requires us to go behind every surface any child touches, so unfortunately Private Lessons are not to be used right now as aimless Open Gym.  

-Excellent option for Special or Adaptive Needs!  

(Although we are experts in what we do, we are are not to be confused with Physical or Occupational Therapists, and should not be used as an alternative if a Physician has recommended one.)

-Please make sure you arrive on time!  Our coaches' time is valuable!



to schedule today!

Solo Lessons Cancellation Policy:

If cancelled without reasonable notice, expect to still be charged 50% to pay something towards your instructor's time and fuel.


HOWEVER, if you truly are questioning if you, or someone you know has come into contact with any symptoms of COVID-19, please let us know BEFORE getting out of your car to come inside.


Please don't put us at risk.  We will always put healthy and safety over money.